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PVC SkyFenster Skylight Premium + FLASHING + ROLLER BLIND !

Product condition: new

Price: 250.00 EUR brutto


Window size:


Roller blind:

Exterior colour of the flashings:

Costs of shipment:

  • Forwarding shipment (Individual pricing of transport costs to the order) 100.00 EUR brutto
Product description



Model: SkyLight Premium




WAVY profiled roofing materials up to 45 mm thick such as: tile, corrugated sheet metal.

FLAT for flat roofing materials (slate, shingles) up to 10 mm thick. 



(to choose beige or blau)


  • Suitable for installation on roofs with a slope of 15-75 degrees
  • PVC profile resistant to dirt, aging, humidity, temperature changes
  • Tempered glass 4H / 16Ar / 4T with a coefficient of Ug = 1.0 W / m2K
  • Coefficient Uw = 1.4 W / m2K
  • Double glazing
  • Handles in PVC profile colors
  • Three seals guarantee perfect tightness
  • Very good thermal and acoustic insulation!
  • Smooth opening of the sash within the range of 0-35 degrees and rotation for cleaning by 120 degrees
  • Sealing flashing coated with metallurgical polyester lacquer


  • Inside: White PVC
  • Exterior: Dark brown RAL8019 or Gray RAL7043 (to choose)


Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Glass packet - 15 years
  • PVC elements, fittings, constructional, assembly and production defects - 10 years
  • Sealing flanges and gaskets - 5 years

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Product recommendation: PVC SkyFenster Skylight Premium + FLASHING + ROLLER BLIND !
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