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SkyTermo PRO (Triple-glazed) + FLASHING

55x78, 66x118, 78x118, 78x140

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Product description



Model: PRO U4



WAVY TZ - for profiled roofing materials up to 45 mm thick such as: tile (also flat tile), corrugated sheet metal.

FLAT TS - for flat roofing materials (slate, shingles) up to 10 mm thick.


Flashings are single, for single installation. If you need a kombi flashings please contact by e-mail. We will prepare an offer with prices.


  • Suitable for installation on roofs with a slope of 15-90 degrees
  • Energy-efficient wooden window with a rotating construction
  • Made of vacuum impregnated pinewood and coated with eco-friendly acrylic lacquer
  • The wooden structure is protected from the outside by aluminium profiles resistant to external factors
  • Equipped with energy-efficient chambers glazing unit (consisting of three panes).
  • Multi-chamber profile, reinforced inside galvanized steel cores
  • U4 Heat-insulating 3-pane packet (2-chamber); total thickness of the 36 mm package
  • Inter-pane space: 2x12 mm, filled with noble gas (argon), steel frames between pans
  • Outer heat-insulating glass, hardened
  • Toughened external glass with lifetime hail resistance warranty
  • Coefficient of heat transfer for the window Uw = 1,1 W/m2K
  • Heat transfer coefficient for glass Ug = 0.7 W/m2K
  • The handle in the lower parts of the window.In windows above the width of 94 cm there are two handles.
  • Passive micro ventilation, with the possibility of unsealing the windows and leaving as a micro-ventilate for room ventilation
  • Rotate the wing 180 degrees.
  • The possibility of a comfortable and safe cleaning of the outer surface of the glass (bolt blocking the window)
  • Aluminum sealing flashing protected with polyester varnish in color - Dark graphite RAL7022


  • Inside: wooden, pinewood
  • Exterior: Dark graphite RAL7022

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • 10 years
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Product recommendation: SkyTermo PRO (Triple-glazed) + FLASHING
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