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Velux GZL 1051 Roof Windows + FLASHING EDZ (Top handle)

55x78, 66x118, 78x98, 78x118, 78x140

Producer: VELUX

Product condition: new

Price: 235.00 EUR brutto


Window size:


Roller blind:

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  • Forwarding shipment (Individual pricing of transport costs to the order) 95.00 EUR brutto
Product description

Velux GZL 1051 Roof Windows

Flashing is set: Single flashing EDZ for wavy type coverings up to 45 mm thick such as: tile, corrugated sheet metal.

Roller blind (optional + 15 €) in beige colour or blue colour

Specification of windows

  • Suitable for installation on roofs with a slope of 20-90 degrees
  • Profile with layers of pine wood, impregnated,coated with an ecological acrylic finish
  • The wood is protected on the outer surface with weather and UV resistant aluminium profiles.
  • Heat-insulating glass, hardened
  • Heat spacer frame between the glass panels
  • The Ug coefficient is 1,0 W/m2K
  • The Uw coefficient is 1.3 W/m2K
  • Velux Termo Technology - combination of high quality wood with highly insulating EPS material
  • Space between panes is filled with inert gas
  • Very good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Rotate the wing 180 degrees, with the option of releasing it with a bolt to clean the outside glass
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Product recommendation: Velux GZL 1051 Roof Windows + FLASHING EDZ (Top handle)
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